Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Peek at Arryl house

When john Henry Livingston reaquired Arryl house in 1906, it was a very special day for him. Arryl house had fallen into disrepair since his father passed away in 1895. But now the Livingston mansions, Clermont and New Clermont (the old name for Arryl house), were reunited under one ownership. Alice snapped bunches of pictures of the Chancellor's old mansion as the family poked around and investigated the place.

Alice Livingston (John Henry's third wife) took so many pictures over the course of her life that it can be hard for one person to remember all of what is there. Thus, when I came across a slide of this old photo, I was excited. While I am familiar with the 1869 image shown at left, this new one is intersting. It gives you a different perspective on the long-lost mansion of the Chancellor.

It also shows some of the excitement of the acquisition of the building with about five people milling around and exploring, while a sixth, presumably Alice, snapped the picture.

There is John Henry holding his Boston Terrier Punchy. And is that Katherine to his right? If so, it would have been right before she moved to England, estranged from her father for reasons still unknown.

Since Arryl House burned in 1909, it is difficult to recreate a good picture of it in our minds. Every little snippet we get is cause for excitement as a way of recreating the lives of the Livingstons.

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