Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rambling and Drawing Around Clermont

Clermont has many things to offer on its 500 acres of historic grounds.  Many of our neighbors  (and I'm talking everyone within a ten minute drive) have made us their regular spot for watching sunsets, walking their dogs, and generally taking in the peace and quiet of the landscape.

Conrad Hanson--who is not only our neighbor, but also on the board of trustees of the Friends of Clermont--stopped by for one of these walks just the other day.  He was kind enough to share his musings and his artwork from the day.  Scroll down to see some really lovely images of our view, the barn, and even Sylvan cottage.

I love his inclusion of the century plant in the image below.  Our plants are believed to be descendents of those grown by Margaret Beekman Livingston in the 18th century.  History isn't just in the mansion here!

Hudson Valley Walk Number 4 : Rambling and Drawing around Clermont State Park

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