Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ticket: How to Reserve for Legends by Candlelight Ghost Tours

Hi there!

I've been seeing a lot of hits on this blog by people trying to find out how to get tickets for the Legends by Candlelight Ghost Tours, and it seems that I've never gotten around to making all that information available on the blog.  You can always find information about our events on the Friends of Clermont website, but for those of you who are tired of combing the internet in search of Clermont's ghosts, your answer is here:

Reservations:  Clermont's ghost tours are very popular so we now require reservations to ensure you get your spot.  Call (518) 537-4240 between 9am and 4:30pm to get yours.  Reservations open October 1st and continue right up until the tour (this year Oct 19th & 20th, 26th & 27th).  Think you're too late to get a spot? Not necessarily!  It's always worth calling us up to find out if there's still room for you.

Payment:  The ticket price is $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under.  We require prepayment, which is available for your Visa or Mastercard right over the phone.  Checks and cash are also accepted.

What is the Ghost Tour?:  While the jury is out about whether or not actual ghosts roam our halls (some of us are superstitious and others are not so there are always debates about it around the lunch table), Clermont was still home to seven generations who lived, laughed, loved, fought, and died here.  We drag out all our best stories and serve them up to you as told by actors in period-correct costume. The mansion is lavishly decorated for a period 1921 Halloween party, complete with a reproduction 1916 Ouija board to call back the ghosts. 

Who is it for?:  The Ghost Tours are recommended for adults and children 7 and up.  They are spooky, but we're historic--not gory!  :)  There is plenty of historic intrigue to entertain and adult, and the ghosts interact with their audiences enough to keep children interested and engaged.  Our tours do traverse several sets of stairs, including a beautiful twisting set of stone stairs in the garden so please come ready to assist those who are not steady walkers.

How long does it last?:  Our tours last 35-45 minutes, and you are welcome to stop afterwards by the fire for toasted marshmallows.

As I always say, this is one of our favorite events here at Clermont.  There are so many curious and interesting stories that just don't fit into the tour, and we get to pick out our favorites for you.  Plus, we all just love Halloween, and that spirit lights up the night for every one of us as we try to make you feel Clermont's history on your tour!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Appleton Manor--part 3!

One of the nice features I've discovered about this blog is that it connects me to other people out there writing history.  I usually pose questions rhetorically, not expecting a reply, but every now and then I am lucky enough to get responses from Livingston family members and other historians.

And today's fun response was in answer to an old post about Katherine Livingston Timpson, John Henry's first daughter.  After a fun exploration into her biography, I was unable to locate a picture of the house she bought herself in England, called Appleton Manor.  The best I could find was a picture of the gardens with Honoria and Janet in them.

Until I was sent these two great links showing not only pictures of the the exterior and interior of Appleton Manor, but also the Parish Church of St. Laurence, which you can see in the background of this photograph.  More clues to Katherine's life.  Hurrah!

St. Laurence Church
Appleton Manor