Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Appleton Manor--part 3!

One of the nice features I've discovered about this blog is that it connects me to other people out there writing history.  I usually pose questions rhetorically, not expecting a reply, but every now and then I am lucky enough to get responses from Livingston family members and other historians.

And today's fun response was in answer to an old post about Katherine Livingston Timpson, John Henry's first daughter.  After a fun exploration into her biography, I was unable to locate a picture of the house she bought herself in England, called Appleton Manor.  The best I could find was a picture of the gardens with Honoria and Janet in them.

Until I was sent these two great links showing not only pictures of the the exterior and interior of Appleton Manor, but also the Parish Church of St. Laurence, which you can see in the background of this photograph.  More clues to Katherine's life.  Hurrah!

St. Laurence Church
Appleton Manor

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