Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Portrait

Well it's the holiday season, and a whole lot of us will be taking advantage of family gatherings to get a family picture taken.  You know the ones I mean: Gramdma, Mom & Dad, Uncle So-and-So, and maybe even the family dog.

Although many American families of the later 18th and 19th centuries got group portraits painted (like the Angus Nickolson family, 1791 at right), I can't seem to find many of the Livingstons--just one from the 1820s.

So in honor of family gatherings during the holiday seaon, I thought I'd gather up as many of Margaret Beekman and Judge Robert R. Livingston's children as I could.  Ten of them survived to adulthood, and I found portraits of five of the remaining in my computer.  Voila:

From Left to Right, they are: Janet Livingston Montgomery, Catherine Livingston Garretson, Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, Alida Livingston Armstrong, John R. Livingston, and Edward Livingston.  At right are their parents Judge Robert R. Livingston and Margaret Beekman Livingston.

Kind of interesting to see even just this many in one place--reminds you what a big family they were.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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