Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cooking with Rex McVitty: Lamb Curry

Rex and Honoria McVitty

Today I present to you another blog written by Rex McVitty. This time it is his recipe for curry. This recipe was obtained by a visitor to Sylvan Cottage while Rex and Honoria Livingston McVitty were living there. Apparently this was his go to meal when visitors came calling.  Without further adieu I present to you the recipe as he wrote it down with the caveat I have not tried this myself yet. 
Rex on the porch of Sylvan Cottage

Indian Lamb Curry

-Leg of lamb -cut chunks from the bone (not to small) cook bones for stock to add later

-Brown meat in lamb fat

-season to taste with the following:

    Salt & Pepper

    Curry Powder (more than other spices)






    dry mustard (Coleman's)

    bay leaves (a few) 

-When meat is almost cooked add the following:

    One large onion (cut up)

    A few stalks of celery cut up

    1/2 small yellow turnip (rutabaga) (cut up)

    A few white turnips (cut up)

    One large apple (peeled and cut)

    One orange (cut)

    One lemon (cut)

    One large potato (white)

    One Sweet potato



    1/2 pound boiled chestnuts (or more if preferred)

    1/2 pound seedless green grapes (if preferred)

-Add broth from bones when needed as Curry is cooking.

-Serve with cooked rice and heated raisins and nuts and butter. The kind you prefer(almonds, cashew, pecans) on platter and chutney on separate dish.

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